Edit and Format Text

Text that has been migrated forward from the old Wing website will keep its formatting, but look messy.

Use the tips below to make your pages look clean and legible.

Remove Existing Formatting

We recommend you select all your text in a text box and click Clear formatting.

  1. Select the text to change and press the three dots in the text edit menu at the top of the text box.

  2. Then click the T with a diagonal line through it (bottom right icon in the image).

Use Built-in Styles

Once you have removed any formatting applied to text, you can apply a built-in style. This applies to entire paragraphs.

  1. Place the cursor in a line/paragraph.

  2. Click the dropdown menu at the left side of the text edit menu at the top of the text box.

Use a Table of Contents

You can show a table of contents of all the headings and subheadings on the page.

  • Note: New Google Sites does not support showing a list of subpages under the current one.

On the edit sidebar, click the Insert tab and then Table of contents.

This shows all uses of the Title, Heading, and Subheading built-in styles on the page.

If you do not want some to show in the table, you may:

  • Click the eye icon in the table next to the item to hide.

  • Remove the built-in style from the text and set its font size manually instead.