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Dec. 2023 note: If your unit/activity has not yet created a SiteViz website, you no longer can. NHQ has suspended creation/publication of all new SiteViz websites pending rollout of a new policy for websites below wing level. More information will be shared when it is available.

This page provides guidance for editors of websites using SiteViz, the NHQ-provided mandatory website platform for public-facing CAP websites.

(For the 2021 project to migrate WAWG websites to SiteViz, see here.)

Unit Guidance

Unit websites should move to SiteViz.

Unit websites should be straightforward to build in SiteViz, as they generally do not use advanced features – typically only text, images, and an embedded calendar. While moving will require rebuilding from scratch, the website structure and nearly all content in pages can likely copy over.

What to do:


Activities Guidance

Activity websites may move to SiteViz or New Google Sites

Activity websites tend to be more involved than unit websites and change more frequently. You may be able to use Google's website migration tool.

What to do:


Wing Staff Guidance

The current/old WAWG website will move was converted to a new public-focused website (on NHQ's SiteViz platform) and a new members-focused website (on New Google Sites). The members website will contains much of the information on the current/old WAWG website -- mostly wing staff department pages, wing publications, and other info that is member-specific.

Practice editing a test website

A test members website is available for testing and practice purposes. It is a copy of this members website, but not visible to the public. Use it to practice editing your department pages without fear of breaking anything. You will eventually need to edit the real members site (this one).

How to edit New Google Sites pages:


Edit the published members website

The published members website (visible to the public) is at

Note: You are able to edit the ENTIRE members website. It's up to you to be careful and only change what you intend to. Be certain you have read the New Google Sites section.

SiteViz Information

How to use SiteViz

In short, SiteViz is an external website hosting platform that provides a structured, fill-in-the-blank template approach to building websites. The CAP national website uses it and National has provided a nearly identical template for all subordinate websites. The site homepage is rigidly structured and limited information may be inserted in defined areas via text fields and dropdown selection boxes. However, individual pages within the site are designed freeform using a visual editor.

To prepare for the move, we strongly recommend that website administrators review one or more of the following resources.

NHQ IT new websites page

See the Related Documents sidebar for SiteViz documentation

SiteViz Quick Reference


Visual overview of SiteViz and the registration process


SiteViz video lessons

by NHQ

SiteViz video lessons


Examples of migrated WAWG sites:

An unpublished site under development will be:


Cannot submit a website request

If you follow NHQ's instructions for requesting a website and see information already in the form, no Submit button, and only a Clear All button, you already have a website with the domain (URL) shown.

Need a SiteViz user account

If you or someone in your squadron needs a user account on SiteViz, contact the WAWG IT project officer with the person's name. Their membership will be validated and an account created.

Add a Google Calendar to a SiteViz page

See Google's help topic on embedding a calendar in a website.

Google Sites Information

New Google Sites

Help topics and tips are on the New Google Sites Help page.

Classic Google Sites

To edit a Classic Google Site, go to the webpage you wish to edit and click the tiny "Sign in" text link at the very bottom of the page. Sign in with your Google account.

When the page refreshes, you should then see a series of icon buttons at the top right of your browser window if you have permission to edit the page.

For information on editing a Classic Google Site, see Google's Classic Sites help pages.

For information on transitioning a Classic Google Site to a New Google Site, see Google's transition help pages.

NHQ Website Requirements

Before publishing your website, note the requirements for CAP websites in CAPR 120-1. We also recommend having someone other than the site builder review it.

Best practices and requirements from regulations are summarized below.

3. Check for links that take the user away from the .gov domain. Per CAPR 120-1 para 5.2.3, the user must be notified.

4. Identify the site properly - see CAPR 120-1 para 5.3.

5. Ensure advertising/recognition of outside groups complies with CAPR 120-1 para 6.9.

6. Ensure "personally identifiable information" does not exist on the site. See CAPR 1-2 (I).

7. Verify hyperlinks work.

Final Publishing Steps

SiteViz only: Follow the instructions in the "Web Site Go-Live Instructions" link on NHQ's websites page.

Units only: Update the unit website info in eServices.

All: Notify WAWG IT to update the Wing website.