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Managing Editor

2d Lt Joshua DeWinter



(vacant until filled)


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Technical Advisor

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What does the editorial staff do?

Submission Guidelines

Submit your content to WAWG Social Media, magazine, and cap.news!

Annual deadline and requirement info, guidance on grade abbreviations, etc.

With the announcement of cap.news becoming the main place for published news from NHQ, WAWG has aligned the EVERGREEN Magazine under EVERGREEN News!! We publish news in a lot of places, all of the time, and our magazine is just one of them!

What does this mean to you?

Don't wait for a magazine deadline!

Submit your stories as they happen!

Articles submitted to EVERGREEN News will be considered for publication in any of the following places:

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Specialty Track info, FEMA Independent Study courses, and other training info and opportunities.

Employer-sponsored grant / matching program info for non-profits

Training, activities, staff meetings, and more.