Civil Air Patrol Brand Elements

The CAP seal, logo, command emblem, and other graphics, including official colors and fonts, are maintained by CAP NHQ Public Affairs at

See also CAPR 900-2 Civil Air Patrol Name, Seal, Logo, Command Emblem and Flag Etiquette regarding the use of CAP graphics.

Washington Wing Brand Elements

Washington Wing Patch


Blank Patches

CAPR 110-3 Civil Air Patrol Heraldry Program lists the requirements for CAP emblems.

DAFI 84-105 Organizational Lineage, Honors and Heraldry and the US Air Force Historical Research Agency's Guide to Air Force Heraldry are also useful references.

Disc with One Scroll
(unit name only)
png | svg

Disc with Two Scrolls
(top: motto, bottom: unit name)
png | svg

Shield and Scroll
(Group, Wing, or Region HQs Only)
png | svg