RCLS 2020




December 26th – December 31, 2020

Hosted by the Washington Wing – Civil Air Patrol

Conducted Virtually


Registration can be found here.


Region Cadet Leadership School is an intense 5-day in-residence cadet officer training school with areas of study in Officership & Character, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Relations, Critical & Creative Thinking and Leadership Theory.


To participate, cadets must hold the grade of C/2d Lt or above.

Region Cadet Leadership School Fee:

The activity will not have a fee.


A computer will be be required with internet

A webcam is highly preferred

Students should expect to be on their computer 8-10 hours a day


Participation is limited. All students are encouraged to register early in order to ensure space is available. Registration closes at 2359 on 1 December 2020 or when all seats have been filled.

Student Prioritization Plan:

Due to the course being open to students from all over the country and even overseas cadets, there is a good chance that we will have a large number of applicants. Because of this, there will be a prioritization process that will favor cadets who will need the course sooner and those who apply sooner.

    1. Prior RCLS Credit - If a cadet has attended RCLS, COBC, or COS already, they will have lower priority than cadets who have not.

    2. Grade - Because RCLS is a requirement for C/Lt Col, the higher grade a cadet is, the higher the priority of their application. For example, a C/Maj will almost be guaranteed a slot.

    3. Age - Cadets who are older have fewer opportunities to attend an RCLS and will receive higher priority.

    4. Region - While PCR will have higher priority, the above three criteria will take higher precedence

On 1 November, we will slot the first 30 students based on the above criteria.

On 1 December, we will slot the remaining students based on the number of seminar leaders that are hired.

Additional RCLS Information:

The course will start in the morning on Saturday 26 December 2020.


Director - Capt Zachary Lam

Deputy Director - Lt Col Harold Buchanan

Cadet Commander - C/Maj Bradley Gorham

Please send and questions to Capt Zachary Lam at zachary.lam@wawg.cap.gov