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Meeting Location: 1155 Barnes Blvd Joint Base Lewis-McChord WA 98438-1301

The Director of Logistics is the manager for Supply and Transportation programs within Washington Wing.


His responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

· Implement Logistics activities and duties

· Accept a leadership role

· Provide Logistics policy recommendations to the commander

· Advise the commander on the status of logistics programs and establish logistics policies.

· Be familiar with the CAP directives below:

o CAPR 1-1; CAPR 20-1 (I); CAPR 20-3; CAPR 66-1; CAPR 70-1; CAPR 77-1; CAPR 173-3;

CAPR 174-1; CAPR 900-5; CAPP 206

· Be responsible for all matters about supply.

· Ensure proper accountability for CAP property.

· Be responsible for the receipt, issue, storage and proper disposal of all CAP property.

· Be responsible for effecting distribution and recovery of property in coordination with the transportation officer.

· Recommend to the commander the allocation or reallocation of property within the unit.

· Ensure that all vehicles are licensed and insured, and those drivers are qualified and licensed to operate the vehicles.

· Recommend allocation and reallocation of motor vehicles.

· Maintain appropriate records on the location of all vehicles.

· Be responsible for maintenance, painting, and marking vehicles.

· Implement Logistics functions at the squadron level or above.

· Review budget requirements of logistics activities and direct consolidation of logistics budget.

· Be responsible for real property management by CAP policy in CAPR 174-1.

At the time you are assigned to these position you must:

  • Have completed Level II

  • At least four years experience as a Unit Supply Officer is preferred.

  • Military logistics experience a plus.

  • Hold at least a Senior Rating in the Logistics Officer Speciality Track

  • Have completed Cadet Protection Training – Advanced.

  • Be safety education current

  • Possess an enthusiasm for CAP

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A cover letter stating why you should be selected for this position;

A resume stating your experience and qualifications for this position.