Group Staff Position Openings

Washington Group Headquarters has several opportunities for members to:

  • Learn and work on a particular staff task in a group staff section;

  • Try their hand at managing one of the ongoing programs in a staff section;

  • Move up to group staff in your staff specialty from unit level staff experience;

  • Put your CAP experience or your civilian job experience to work in a group staff section;

  • Gain staff experience at the group level;

  • Work in an area which is not available at the unit staff level;

  • Serve on a group committee (Membership, Awards, Promotions, Finance);

  • Serve as a staff member of a group activity (Encampment, conference, competition).

Join Group Staff!

Position Openings

Group Headquarters is soliciting applications for the following Staff vacancies:

*Vacancies open until filled until otherwise indicated.

Every section usually needs help. Please feel free to inquire about opportunities not listed here.

Updated 21 May 2018