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New Level 2 and Level 3 registration system launched; instructors being added.

I’ve been teaching Level 2 and Level 3 modules via Virtual Face to Face since October and it has been a success for 231 students from about half of the wings who took 22 modules last year. My problem was that I am only one person and the administrative burden is massive. Today I am happy to announce a new registration system that will reduce the instructors' administrative load, bring in additional instructors and offer more VF2F classes.

Our goal is to have at least one Level 2 or Level 3 course available per day at differing times.

These will serve to support the In-Person and Online programs being offered widely and are now a part of the Volunteer University structure as a function under the Dean for In-Person Education.

Access will be through a calendar (one for each Level) that now contains only my classes but we are actively recruiting new instructors to broaden the courses offered. Level 4 and 5 calendars may appear in the future if there is sufficient demand.

You will also soon see a link from the appropriate Level under Volunteer University in

The calendars are at these locations: (Level 2) (Level 3)

You can contact the administrators of this new system at .

Please share this information as widely as possible. Thank you.

SMSgt. Glenn B. Knight, CAP

Virtual In-Residence Coordinator

Volunteer University

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