Pilot Orientation

If you're an FAA-licensed pilot in Washington State - be it Private, Commercial or even ATP - and are looking for ways to get involved in flying for CAP then you've come to the right place! Even if you already are a CAP pilot in one capacity or another, you may find some of the information useful.

On this page you will find links to resources (click / tap on the images to get to them) that help you:

  • Understand the various pilot roles and how to achieve them
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Slide deck provided by the Seattle Squadron
Last updated: 1/1/2022

  • We suggest that you submit your training needs in a wizard-like form that will make it especially easy to get paired up with a WAWG instructor or check pilot - this is generally the preferred way:

The form updates a spreadsheet that WAWG instructors and Check Pilots have access to. However, there is no guarantee that / by when submitted requests will be looked at, as there is no formal commitment behind the scenes. The next option below can help you take things into your own hands faster.

  • Alternatively / if the above method yields no response after several days, using the following resource you can directly find CFIs or Check Pilots to get you trained or signed off within CAP's WA Wing:

Table last updated: 1/13/2022

(Updates occur only sporadically. If you need more - or more current - data, you can always retrieve it via Ops Quals Report Specific Qualification Listing)


This PDF document crafted by Capt. Andy McDonald of the Fort Vancouver Composite Squadron describes how you can take advantage of the FAA Wings program to get credit for CAP flying activity towards a Flight Review (formerly known as BFR), and you can use CAP Form 5 activity and FAA Wings to do several things, including renewing a Flight Review, updating CAP Safety Training credit, and even updating CFII quals (if you are a CAP Check Pilot).


The standard refueling level for C/T182 is 64 gals, and for C172 it's 44 gals of 100LL.

Please always use the measure stick to determine how much fuel is missing in each tank when you buy fuel to restore standard refueling levels - do not just request bottom of filler tabs or similar methods as they tend to be anything but precise.

Pilot Quick Links

This selection of links is geared towards powered flight, and by no means exhaustive with regards to all aspects of flying in CAP.

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Airport VFR Routes

101 Card

  • ICS-100 – Introduction to the ICS

  • ICS-200 – Basic ICS for Initial Response

  • ICS-700 – Introduction to NIMS


This page has been created from scratch in March 2021 to replace an outdated version. We will be happy to continuously make changes to ensure this page becomes - and stays - a useful one-stop resource for both new and seasoned CAP pilots.

For any questions, suggestions, reporting of errors, missing or broken links, change requests etc. please do not hesitate to contact Lt. Freitag.