Aircraft Reports

Aircraft Report submission process:

***NEW PROCESS*** as of December 2019.

Please help us adopt this new and improved submission process! If you submit via this form you do not need to submit via email.

Aircraft reports are due by the 4th of each month.

Instructions for Submitters

(aka, Aircraft Maintenance Officers, anyone submitting A/C Reports) 

Please have the following ready:

NOTE: It is preferred that Submitters use their email account.

Please do not submit reports via email. This process will notify all necessary parties. 

Instructions for Reviewers

(aka, WAWG Reports Control Officer, WAWG Aircraft Maintenance Officer, WAWG Director of Operations, WAWG CAPF 18 Report Preparer) 

Upload Report: 

If you do not see the Google Form below, CLICK HERE to submit your report.