Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Washington Wing uses Google Workspace to provide online services to wing members.

My Account

This is where you can customize your account profile and manage security settings.


Drive provides storage, editing, and sharing of word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and fillable forms (see below).


View your personal calendar and any others you add.


Groups provides mailing lists which can be read on the web. Groups can also be used for granting permissions to sites, calendars, drives and files, etc.


Search for any member with a WAWG account.


Forms allow the collection of information from people via a webpage. The form builder is an easy-to-use interface. Please limit collection of personal information contained in eServices, in accordance with CAPR 1-2 (I) Personally Identifiable Information.


Classroom combines communication, documents, and tracked assignments for online classes and training events.