WA Wing Cadet Advisory Council


Cadet Advisory Council representatives develop their leadership skills while advising their commanders on ways to improve the cadet program at the group, wing, region, or national level. The CAC is the cadets' opportunity to influence senior CAP leaders, improve cadet life, and increase their leadership effectiveness.

The Washington Wing Cadet Advisory Council serves three primary purposes:

The Wing CAC meets at least once per quarter, but also work on projects, proposals and in smaller committees between meetings. Meetings are usually in-person, at WAWG Conferences, and via phone or video conference at other times.

In WAWG, each unit is represented directly on the Wing CAC, and there are no group-level CACs. In lieu of group-level CAC's, the Wing CAC has standing committees for each group, and group commanders are encouraged to seek their advice when appropriate.

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Suggest a Project, Proposal, or Question

Send an email to cac@wawg.cap.gov if you have an idea or question that you'd like the Wing Cadet Advisory Council to consider.

Annual Term-Change

CAC Terms last from 1 October to 30 September every year, and every CAC position opens for applications for every new term.

Because eServices automatically removes all CAC assignments on 30 September, cadets wishing to carry-over their position into the next term must re-apply and be re-appointed.

WCAC Representative and Assistant applicants apply by sending their resume directly to their unit commander and deputy commander for cadets between 1-31 August each year.

WCAC Officer applicants (Chair, Vice, Recorder) apply using the form below between 1-31 August each year.

RCAC Representative and Assistant applicants apply using the form below between 1-31 August each year.

RCAC Officer applicants and NCAC applicants will receive a separate solicitation for applications from Region HQ each year in July.

Fill a Vacancy

If there's a CAC vacancy that you'd like to fill mid-term, reach out to your unit commander about filling it!
Cadets can be appointed to fill vacancies at any time, and the CAC needs dedicated Cadet leaders like you to help make CAP better.

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