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Safety Significant Occurence Reporting Procedure

When an SSI occurs anywhere in the region, it should be reported by calling (833) 727-7233 or 833-PCR-SAFE and choosing your wing from the menu of wings:

Once the appropriate wing has been selected, the caller will automatically be forwarded to the wing’s call distribution list.  If the first person on the distribution list doesn’t pick up in 25 seconds, the call is automatically forwarded to the next person on the list until someone picks up.  If no one picks up, the call will roll over to a voice mail system and all the people on the distribution list and PCR/SE, Col Parris, will get an email with the voicemail audio file attached. 

For serious mishaps involving considerable damage to CAP assets or serious injuries, the CAP-USAF Pacific Liaison Region (PLR) and the National Operation Center should be notified.  Under the new notification process, the Pacific Region notification list should also be notified by calling extension 700 and PCR will notify PLR and the NOC on the wing’s behalf. 

Supplement 62-2 outlines the new notification procedures.  All members should review this supplement to understand the new reporting procedures.  Since this supplement has no PII included so it can be freely posted on squadron safety bulletin boards, in aircraft hangers and in both corporate vehicle and aircraft logbooks.  

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