Airborne Photography

Airborne Photography Class Refresher Training Announcement

Aircrew coordination in taking airborne photographs of designated ground targets and post-flight delivery to a disaster management agency within an accelerated time frame.

When: TBD

Check Rides: TBD (subsequent weekends to be determined)

Where: TBD

Instructor: Capt Carl Wiley, CAP, WAWG Airborne Photography Training Officer

Recurrent training available: TBD.

Deadline to register: TBD

Washington Wing aircrew will conduct air and ground training to acquire and refine skills to photograph designated ground targets over a variety of terrain in a disaster recovery operation. Skills will be enhanced in post-flight analysis of photographs to ensure proper geo-tagging information and compliance with mission objectives as specified by the Incident Commander.

Instructional material to be used/training syllabus


  • General Emergency Services (GES) qualification

  • Age 18 or older

  • Previous Mission Scanner qualification (MS)

  • Aerial Photographer (AP) qualification in training status

Mission Pilots must receive sortie approval prior to takeoff from the WAWG Director of Operations: Pat Courtney, Lt Col, CAP or the exercise Mission Manager: Carl Wiley, Capt, CAP

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Uploading Aerial Photos to the Customer

    • WMIRS:

    • Google Drive:

      • Good for larger uploads - Drive gives you 30 GB of space

      • Comes with your WAWG Gmail account >>

      • Download and install Google Drive application on PC >>

      • Drag and drop photos from Windows Explorer into the Drive folder on your PC - uploading happens in the background