Government Relations

Civil Air Patrol Fact Sheet

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Federal Government Relations Advisor

Contact: Col Theodore (Ted) A. Tax

State Government Relations Advisor

Contact: Lt Col James D. Honeyford

Duties of the Government Relations Officer

    • Advises and assists the commander in the areas of state appropriations and congressional activities to include:

    • Keeping congressional delegations informed on CAP activities.

    • Maintaining liaison with local and state government officials.

    • Monitoring legislation on matters affecting CAP..

    • With wing commander’s concurrence, initiates and monitors wing fund-raising activities to include the obtaining of grants from major industries within the wing.

    • The Government Relations Advisor should be familiar with the Civil Air Patrol Constitution and Bylaws; CAPP 110-1, Federal Statues Affecting Civil Air Patrol; and all other legislation affecting CAP at local and state levels. Should also be familiar with current CAP regulations on fund raising activities.