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Welcome to the Wing Activity Approval Portal!

The following activities require Wing Commander approval, and must be submitted for approval through this portal:

    • Wing-Level Activities

      • Guideline for defining "Wing-Level":

      • 1. Activity enrollment is open to members from throughout the wing, and/or other wings, and,

      • 2. Activity has a wing-wide, or multi-wing, mission or training scope.

    • Fundraising

    • Air Shows

    • High Adventure Activities

    • Firearms Training

Other Unit and Group activities do not require submission through this portal.

Activities at the squadron and group level are approved at the squadron and group level respectively. They do not need higher-HQ approval, or to be processed through this Activity Portal Page except for the four examples listed above.

Some local activities will still need support or approval from wing staff offices for some tasks (signing contracts, renting vehicles, issuing supplies, coordinating radio nets, etc), and project officers should contact the relevant staff office directly for that type of support. See the WAWG Activity Planning Warnings for quick reference.

How this works:

    • Submit the required forms via the Submit Activity Request button on this page.

      • Please give at least three weeks' notice when submitting your activity. If your activity includes anything needing legal review, we request four weeks' notice. Assuming your paperwork is complete, your activity should be approved without delay.

      • Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email for your records (with detailed information related to your request). Keep this email! You will also see a confirmation screen to confirm the entry.

      • Each activity will be reviewed by appropriate Wing Directorates, including Safety and Legal, and other departments, as necessary.

    • Visit the Activity Status page at any time to view the current status of the request.

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