Inspector General

Washington Wing, Inspector General

Lt Col Edwin A. Keeney

Washington Wing, Continuous Compliance Officer

Lt Col John L. Ralph

The Role of your Inspector General

Reference CAPR 20-1 

Para 3.c.(1) Manage the Civil Air Patrol Inspection Program in coordination with the CAP-USAF/IG.

Para 3.c.(2) Manage the Civil Air Patrol Complaints Program to prevent, detect and correct any fraud, waste, mismanagement, deficiency, cadet protection issue, or abuse of authority, to include protection from retaliation or reprisal against persons utilizing the Civil Air Patrol Inspector General Complaints Program.

Processing a Complaint

Reference CAPR 20-2

Para 5. Complaints Processed Under Other Regulations.

The IG complaint program may not be used for matters normally addressed through other established grievance or appeal channels, unless there is evidence that those channels mishandled the matter or process. If a policy directive provides a specific means of redress or appeal of a grievance, complainants must exhaust those procedures before filing an IG complaint.

Para 7. Complaints Submission.

a. All complaints should be in writing, dated and signed by the complainant. E-mail and voice (telephone) complaints require a written follow up, with a signature, submitted (postmarked or hand delivered) within 8 days. Complaints must be accompanied by all available documentation in the possession or control of the complainant.

The CAPF 20 “IG Personal and Fraud, Waste & Abuse Complaint Registration Form” should be used as the summary page attached to the complaint letter.

Summary of Complaint Management:

- The Inspector General does not conduct investigations that fall under other regulations such as Safety (CAPR 62-1), Mishap/Accidents (CAPR 62-2), Discrimination (CAPR 36-2), or Property Management (CAPR 174-1).

- Any civil liberty violations, sexual harassment, and other criminal incidents are to be reported to and handled by non-CAP law enforcement agencies. These matters are to also be reported to the CAP General Counsel via the CAP IG.

- When in doubt ask for guidance, we are here to help. Any mitigating circumstances surrounding the situation, such as unclear or poorly drafted policy, inadequate training, or lack of proper supervision, should be noted for chain-of-command action.

- Filing a complaint with the Wing IG:

Step 1 – Review CAPR123-2 and review the regulations regarding the specific complaint (i.e. CAPR 52-16).

Step 2 – Contact the IG and present a precise allegation of wrong doing. Be concise and factual.

Step 3 – Submit a signed written complaint within 8 days. Include a CAPF 30 and copies of all supporting documentation.