Commonly Used Personnel Forms

Commonly Used Personnel Forms (linked from NHQ)

1.  Below are CAP Forms available in Word/Excel 2000.  Documents with macros and/or online entry require Windows 95 or higher and Office/Word 95 or later.  For MS Word prior to version 9 (Office 2000) requires converter add-in.   Download Word Viewers and Converters Here.

2.  Also below are CAP Forms available in PDF.  Acrobat Reader is required to view these publications.  Download Acrobat Reader Here.

3.  A pound-sign (#) denotes previous editions may be used.

4.  See "Word Note" and "PDF Note"  for details on asterisk (*) and double asterisk (**) items.

5.  Unless specified below, forms are available only on-line.  A † symbol denotes form may be requisitioned in accordance with CAPR 5-4 on eServices, Material Orders.



















 Nov 01

 Oct 08

 Oct 72

 Sep 1

 Oct 08 

 Nov 10

 Aug 1

 Feb 12


 Feb 12


 Aug 09

 Dec 87

 Dec 03

 Oct 11

 Dec 08


Request for Promotion Action E-mail address at National:

Request for and Approval of Personnel Action E-mail address at National:

Personnel Action Request-Termination of CAP Membership E-mail address at National:

Application for Senior Membership in Civil Air Patrol

Mail Completed application package to: National Headquarters,  Civil Air  Patrol, ATTN: Membership Services, 105 South Hansell   Street,  Maxwell  AFB AL 36112-6332

Application for Legislative Membership in Civil Air Patrol

CAP Aerospace Education Membership Application

Application for Cadet Membership in Civil Air Patrol 

Chaplain Appointment  (Corrected Copy)

CAPF 35 Instructions

Character Development Instructor Appointment  (Corrected Copy)

CAPF 35A Instructions (Corrected Copy)

† Senior Member Master Record

Nomination for Cadet of the Year  E-mail address at National:

Emergency Notification Data

† Cadet Master Record 11 x 17

Recommendation for Decoration

E-mail address at National:


















May be requisitioned IAW CAPR 5-4 on eServices, CAP Materials