Apply for the Next CAC Term

How CAC Term-Change Applications Work


In WAWG, we avoid allowing cadets to hold multiple CAC positions at the same time, to increase the number of opportunities, and ensure that every position has a cadet's full focus.


Requirements for Cadet Applicants

Best Practices for Cadet Applicants

Commitment and Expectations

The Wing CAC meets monthly, but also works on projects, proposals and in smaller committees between meetings. In order to represent your unit properly, we expect:

Earning the CAC Ribbon

Cadets who successfully complete a term on the Wing CAC will earn the CAC ribbon with bronze star device. “Successful” first and foremost means participating in meetings from the time of your appointment onward. Missing some meetings is understandable, we are often busy people, and unforeseen circumstances arise. However, up-front communication and ensuring your duty to represent and report on/to your unit are covered is essential to your success as a CAC representative. If you find you are unable to keep the commitment up, we understand, but be honest with your unit leadership and turn the responsibility to another cadet if so. The cadets you represent deserve to have an active participant at their seat at the table.