AE Online Resources

Other interesting online learning opportunities for all members: cadets, adults, students and educators. 

Email the WAWG Director of Aerospace Education, Maj Sylvie Kacmarcik, with any additional suggestions.

Some resources provided by Civil Air Patrol:

Other interesting resources:

See bottom of this webpage for a spreadsheet listing various online resources.

Online Training:

Great for any high school or college cadets and senior members:

Free Aviation 101 online class from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Free FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot practice Test

Test your Part 107 Drone Pilot Knowledge — King Schools' test question database covers all the FAA subjects that you'll be tested on including: airspace, risk management, weather and FAA regulations.

Free FAA Private Pilot practice Test

Test your Private Pilot Knowledge — King Schools' test question database covers all the FAA subjects that you'll be tested on including: airspace, aerodynamics and sectional charts.

Sporty's Learn to Fly course is free for CADETS after they have:  1) done a CAP Orientation flight;  2) received the EAA Young Eagles invitation associated with CAP; and  3) registered for free with the EAA Young Eagles program. 

Free online classes: How To: Sun N Fun Fly In Course

- Would You Crash This Airplane?

- Spin Awareness

- 2021 FREE Private Pilot Ground School:

This course will cover the basic knowledge required of a private pilot to pass the Private Pilot Airplane written exam, and will prepare you for your flight training in an actual aircraft with your flight instructor. It is broken up into LESSONS, and each LESSON has several TOPICS.

Virtual Tours:

The National Museum of the United States Air Force has virtual tours, augmented reality experience, and online exhibits available for free, as well as a variety of educational resources.

National Naval Aviation Museum with virtual tours and online exhibits

360° Panorama Gallery: Check out one of a kind panorama images of the inside our airplanes below. The photographs were taken by expert 360° panoramic photographer, Lyle Jansma.

Matterport 3D Tours: Access the cockpits and interiors of our aircraft at your leisure. These 3D self-guided virtual tours were created by scanning the interior of the Museum's aircraft using the Matterport 3D Camera. Explore below, and stay tuned for future tours.

Offered through The Museum of Flight, Virtual Museum Online, take an online tour inside some of our most iconic aircraft. 

Educational activities can be found in the Learn and in the Educators section.

The National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC has thousands of objects on display, including the 1903 Wright Flyer, Spirit of St. Louis, Bell X-1, an Apollo lunar module, and Neil Armstrong's Apollo 11 spacesuit.

The interactive website has many features that take virtual tourists through an inside look at some of the equipment and technology used at Langley, guiding visitors through the facility without having to physically visit.

NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, is launching a new, web-based virtual tour to provide visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the center’s contributions to aeronautics, science and technology. Learn its role in NASA by taking a virtual tour of NASA Langley Research Center.

More resources are listed in the spreadsheet below, just scroll through it to view different topics...