Vehicle Booking


In WAWG, vehicles can be booked and managed using our Google Workspace calendar service. We strongly encourage booking any vehicle usage or maintenance (plan or unplanned) to avoid conflicts or unexpected unavailability of vehicles. Instructions for booking and management can be found below.

Technical questions can be directed to, and vehicle management questions can be directed to

Option 1: Book Using Google Calendar

The best way to view vehicle information and availability is to use Google Calendar with your WAWG Account.

View and Subscribe to Vehicle Calendars

You can subscribe to and view vehicle calendars using your WAWG Google Calendar account at

This will allow you to see all bookings at-a-glance, and to switch certain vehicle calendars on-and-off in your own calendar view.

Alternately, you can View Collected Vehicle Calendars

Vehicle Managers

Each vehicle's calendar will be set so that members with certain duty assignments can edit, decline, and deconflict bookings for vehicles assigned to their unit. Group and Wing level vehicle managers can manage any vehicle calendar within their echelon. Vehicle Managers will be able to see their membership in unit-vehicle-manager groups at > my groups

Events can be viewed and edited using the calendar links below (select an event >> more details), or by subscribing with your Google Calendar account using the instructions above.

Unit-Level Vehicle Managers

Group-Level Vehicle Managers

Wing-Level Vehicle Managers

Receive Booking Notifications

Vehicle Managers Who have Subscribed to Vehicle Calendars can subscribe to notifications for any of the following events:

Instructions to set up Notifications

Option 2: Book With Link

Book WAWG Vehicles