Update - Safety ORM Worksheet Standardization

Post date: Dec 11, 2018 12:45:50 AM



We have made a minor adjustment to the process based on your feedback!

  • Inefficiency: Submitters were given two options for ORM worksheets (from the national website). One includes a useful matrix to help you evaluate risk. One does not. Reviewing activities side-by-side is nearly impossible when two types of forms are used.

  • Solution: After speaking with various Submitters, our Wing Director of Safety, and the Wing Commander to gain a consensus on which was the more useful form, the Plans and Programs team has determined the ORM Worksheet is the better format for our review process. Having just one ORM format for Submitters will help with standardization. You can find links to the chosen ORM Worksheet (in Word and PDF format) along the left side of the Plans and Programs page.