WAWG has developed a number of recruitment resources and activities to make your CAP Information Booth successful.

  • The Recruitment Interest Form, whether digital or paper, is one of the most powerful tools we have.

  • Check out our Stomp Rocket (and instructions) and Paper Airplane that can be taken home by visitors to your booth.

  • The Ask Me About CAP badge encourages members of the public to approach you, and the backside can be printed to include a quick elevator speech for the newer recruiter.

  • Our Airplane FAQ Cards provide an External Aerospace Education opportunity for cadets at Pacific Northwest airshows. We recommend distributing these between cadets and having them engage with members of the public regarding various aircraft, engines, etc. Have them show off their AE knowledge!

  • Check out our table signs to attract Educators to the AEM Membership, as well as the STEM Kit flyer from NHQ.


Download and print these templates to use at recruitment activities.

Information Request Form (digital)

Information Request Form (printed)

We're all familiar with CAP's Cadet, Senior Member, and Pilot recruitment brochures. Handing these out to members of the public is a form of passive recruitment.

Move to active recruitment by encouraging members of the public to fill out our digital Information Request form! You can locate the link under About CAP > Information Request, on this website.

The Wing RRO will respond with an initial informational email about Civil Air Patrol, and their recruitment information will be passed on to the local unit(s) nearest to them!

  • Bookmark the link to the Information Request page on your mobile device or PC, and have people fill this out while they're at your Info Booth!

  • > Information Request Form (digital)

Use this form to collect information from prospective members. Print and keep at the unit. You can also use these at recruiting events.

Stomp Rocket

Paper Airplane

Ask Me About CAP

Airplane FAQ Cards

  • Link to .pub (MS Publisher)

  • Print on 4x6 paper and wear proudly during CAP recruitment activities via a clip-on badge to encourage members of the public to approach you!

  • Link to .pub (MS Publisher)

  • Print on 4x6 paper, provide cards to cadets, and position them near like aircraft during events!

Aerospace Education Member (sign)

Aerospace Education Materials (flyer)

A sign at your table to let educators know you want to talk to them...and have FREE stem kits to offer...goes a long way toward getting their attention!

Educators also respond to our STEM Kit Program flyer! Make sure to give this to interested educators and ask them to share with their peers!

  • Link to flyer on National CAP website

  • Bonus: Provide educators with contact info for Wing Director of Aerospace Education:

  • Link to .docx

  • Print on 8.5x11 paper and display in a table standee!


Check out the Washington Wing YouTube Channel for more locally-produced videos, as well as collected playlists like:

Play video on a loop at a recruitment booth or during an open house, etc.

Publicity for Weekly Meetings

Work with your Unit Public Affairs Officer to gain a list of local media contacts, or create your own database using the "Media Database" guidance on the WAWG/PA webpage. Next, submit all open house, recruitment event, and weekly meeting info to any papers within a logical radius of your Unit! Most newspapers have an online calendar that allows you to create recurring meetings, and you can often set them out for a year or more in advance, too!

    • Make creating these entries a part of year-end Recruitment tasks!