2019 Washington Wing AFA CyberCamp I

Lodging: IHG Military Hotel across from CAP WAWG headquarters at JBLM

Food: breakfast at IHG, lunch at DFAC or BX, dinner at DFAC

 2019 Washington Wing AFA CyberCamp I 

 ***   CANCELLED   *** 

 WAWG will organize a CyberCamp next summer: last week of July 2020 at similar prices if hotel costs stay the same. We will also work on looking for sponsorship to lower the cost. We are looking forward to seeing you then! 

From Monday, July 29th, 10:00 to Friday, August 2nd, 20:00 at JBLM

Why you should attend a CyberCamp?

Location: CAP WAWG headquarters at JBLM

Registration: Opening on Monday June 17th, closing at 23:59 on Saturday, July 13th, 2019 (extension added due to deadline mistake on the registration site)

Cost: on-site students $310, off-site students $130 and staff (cadet or SM) $170 - Lodging and food included

    Add $50 if you need to arrive Sunday 28 July in the evening.

Add $50 if you need to stay until Saturday 3 August in the morning.

Note that Off-site cadets have to arrive in class no later than 0800 hrs and will be released to go home at 2030 hrs. 

Documentation: CAPF60-81 (former CAPF31), CAPF160, CAPF161, CAPF163, CAP ID, CAP 101 card (from eServices)

Participants: 20 to 30 student cadets

    C/Airman or higher

    No prior cybersecurity experience needed

    Basic Encampment preferred

    Cadet without encampment can obtain a waiver if vouched for by Unit's Commander or DCC, please contact Camp Director.

Staff Cadets

    1 Cadet Commander C/2nd Lt or higher, IT or CyberPatriot experience preferred

    3 cadet NCO & Officers with CyberPatriot competition experience required    

    Note: mentoring cadets is part of the requirements to progress in the Cyber Badge program.

Staff Senior Members: 5 to 6 CyberPatriot mentors, present and future coaches

Instructors: non-CAP and CAP computer specialists

Guests: Military, computer and aerospace industry CyberSecurity specialists

In addition to the AFA CyberCamp curriculum, we are planning evening panel discussions:

    - military cybersecurity / cyberwarfare specialists

    - computer industry cybersecurity professionals

   -  aerospace industry cybersecurity engineers

Contact: Maj. Sylvie Kacmarcik, CyberCamp Director

For more information on AFA CyberCamp, please visit AFA CyberPatriot website.

Staffing applications: email résumé and cover letter to Sylvie.Kacmarcik@wawg.CAP.gov due no later than 18:00 Wednesday 10 July 2019. You will receive a special code to use on the registration site.

2019 Washington Wing AFA CyberCamp I - Standard


AFA CyberCamps are designed for high school and middle school students who are just getting into cybersecurity or who have cybersecurity knowledge and want to learn more. Standard AFA CyberCamps teach beginner students the basics while Advanced AFA CyberCamps incorporates more complex concepts geared towards students who have previously participated in a CyberCamp or participated on a CyberPatriot team. This summer, Washington wing’s AE and IT departments are hosting a Standard AFA CyberCamp.

Topics covered:

The curriculum kit consisting of five (5) four-hour instruction modules, accompanying instructor guides, student workbooks, and demonstration software that will teach students important skills in cybersafety and cybersecurity. The 20-hour curriculum is completed over five days, with the fifth day reserved for a mini-competition. For more information on the AFA CyberSecurity programs please visit AFA CyberCamp, and AFA CyberPatriot website.

Computer equipment and software will be provided by the camp organizers. Program will be supplemented with other computer science concepts taught through activities. In addition, we are planning 3 evening panel discussions on cybersecurity careers:

- military cybersecurity / cyberwarfare specialists

- computer industry cybersecurity professionals

- aerospace industry cybersecurity engineers

We are looking for additional cybersecurity specialists to participate in our panel discussions. Please contact Maj. Sylvie Kacmarcik, CyberCamp Director if you know anyone who might be interested.

We are also looking for additional instructors, non-CAP and CAP computer specialists. Please contact Maj. Sylvie Kacmarcik, CyberCamp Director if you are interested in participating as an instructor, or know someone who might.