Powered Orientation Flights

This webpage offers information for cadets, parents, pilots, and Unit-level Orientation Flight Coordinators.

Orientation Flight Coordinator

Capt Zachary Lam


Assistant Orientation Flight Coordinator

Capt Aran Clauson


Assistant Orientation Flight Coordinator

C/Lt Col Marco Desimone


NW Group Orientation Flight Coordinator

Capt Charlie Jackson


SW Group Orientation Flight Coordinator

1st Lt Kevin Jessee


E Group Orientation Flight Coordinator

Capt Jeffrey Dagle


The Cadet Orientation Flight Program introduces youth to general aviation through hands-on orientation flights in single engine aircraft and gliders. The primary goal of the Civil Air Patrol cadet orientation flight program is to share with cadets the thrill of flying. The secondary goal is to teach aerospace education (Science, Engineering, Technology) and leadership skills. You will find the "Cadet Orientation Flight Syllabus.pdf " on the FAQ page, which shows the kind of flying knowledge cadets will learn. This program is one of the highlights of the CAP Cadet experience, and many cadets have gone on to flight encampment, earned their Solo Wings, and pursued aviation careers after flying in the CAP Orientation Flight Program.

Each cadet is eligible for 10 “O-Rides” which are fully-funded by the US Air Force. Five of these flights are in a glider, and the other five are in powered aircraft.   However, a cadet may ride back-seat as many times as they wish.  Each flight will focus on a specific aspect of aviation, and there is a Learning Syllabus for each flight. Before, during, and after the flight cadets will have a hands on approach to learning about how airplanes work, the preflight inspection and safety practices. Cadets will be allowed to handle the flight controls, under the pilot’s supervision, during the non-critical phases of flight (e.g.: not during take-off, landing). 

Washington Wing is fortunate to have 11 Cessna aircraft and 2 gliders located at various airports around the state. Often we fly to airports in nearby counties to land and explore different places. Sometimes we use the orientation flight program to travel to special events and museums. There is no cost to the cadet. Our dedicated volunteer pilots try to schedule at least one day of cadet orientation flying each month, weather permitting. The program’s motto describes what Cadet flying is all about: “Safe, Fun, Educational.”

If you are a cadet interested in an orientation flight, contact your chain of command.

Deputy Commanders for Cadets and Commanders should contact their Group Orientation Flight Coordinator if assistant in coordinating flights is needed.