Stomp Rocket

Stomp rockets are a fun Aerospace Education activity that you can use to engage the public! 

Launchers (2)

Length of PVC (2)

Rocket templates

Deck of cards (2)

Scotch tape (lots)

Scissors (3-6 pairs)

A sharpie or ink pen

Storage tub

Table signs

Rocket Kit Materials:

Maj Michael Moore

Director of Recruitment & Retention


Launcher Assembly:

Nose Cone Construction:

2 foot length of PVC pipe (recommend 4)

Bicycle tire tube (cut to 2 feet)

Duct tape

2 liter bottle


Launcher Materials:

Members: You are launch control. Maintain possession of the launcher. 

Click here to see video of a launch!

Tip: Have additional cadets standing by with a launcher! 

Building a Rocket:

Tip: Teach cadets how to do this. Then have them teach others that visit your booth. 

Launching the Rocket: