Stomp Rocket

Stomp rockets are a fun Aerospace Education activity that you can use to engage the public!

Launchers (2)

Length of PVC (2)

Rocket templates

Deck of cards (2)

Scotch tape (lots)

Scissors (3-6 pairs)

A sharpie or ink pen

Storage tub

Table signs

Rocket Kit Materials:

Maj Michael Moore

Director of Recruitment & Retention


Launcher Assembly:

  1. Sand the ends of your PVC to make them smooth.

  2. Stretch one end of the tire tube over an end of the PVC.

  3. Stretch the other end over the mouth of the bottle.

  4. Secure connections with duct tape.

Nose Cone Construction:

  1. Create a nose cone template by finding a circular object that fits on a playing card.

  2. Outline the object, and cut the circle out of the card.

  3. Use this first circle to make more nose cone templates for the public to use.

  4. Place a cut from one edge of the circle to the center and set aside.

2 foot length of PVC pipe (recommend 4)

Bicycle tire tube (cut to 2 feet)

Duct tape

2 liter bottle


Launcher Materials:

Members: You are launch control. Maintain possession of the launcher.

  1. Slide the rocket over the edge of the tube for the Rocketeer. Aim it away from the crowd.

  2. Instruct the Rocketeer that you will count down from 3, and when ready, they will stomp one foot across the middle of the bottle (it's important not to crush the ends, or you will be replacing bottles often). Smaller Rocketeers may need to jump with both feet regardless.

  3. Enjoy!

Click here to see video of a launch!

Tip: Have additional cadets standing by with a launcher!

Building a Rocket:

Tip: Teach cadets how to do this. Then have them teach others that visit your booth.

  1. Rocket. Roll the rocket template around an extra length of PVC pipe. It should be flat against the tube, but not so tight that it won't slide off. Tape the seam so that air cannot escape. Make sure the insides of the seams are neat and tidy, and not folded inside. This will be important when you try to slide the rocket over the launcher tube later.

  2. Nose cone. Draw the two halves of the circle into a cone shape, and tape in place (you can save this step for the public to do when they build their own rocket). Neatly tape the nose cone to the rocket body, creating a seal. .

  3. Fins (optional). Cut playing cards into a fin shape to tape to the bottom of the rocket body.

Launching the Rocket: