IT for New Members

Your WAWG Account

How do I get an account?

Wing members in good standing have an individual account in WAWG's Google Workspace service. Read about the full set of Google Workspace services.

Your account is automatically created shortly after completing your initial CAP training:

If you have not yet completed your initial training but have a specific need for a WAWG account, submit an IT request.

It may take a day or few for our system to get your updated status after completing initial training or transferring to WAWG.

Your WAWG account is automatically disabled if eServices does not show you as a current CAP member of Washington Wing.

How do I log in?

You will receive a new account e-mail from Google to your primary "EMAIL" address field in eServices, containing an initial password which expires in 48 hours. Check your spam or junk mail folder if you do not see it.

If your initial password has expired, submit an IT request for a password reset.

Account Setup

Once you have the login information for your WAWG account, please sign in and do the following.

Ensure we can contact you if you lose access to your account

Add your personal email to eServices. Follow these instructions. If your email is the only address in your eServices record and you cannot log in to your WAWG account, we cannot contact you!

Set up password recovery information

Follow these instructions from Google. If you ever lose your password, this allows you to reset it yourself quickly.

Recovery instructions are on the IT Support Requests page under "I need my password reset".

Other setup tasks

See the Best Practices page to learn how to:

See the Google Workspace page to learn how to:

Add the WAWG events calendar to your individual WAWG account calendar view