Cadet Mentors

The goal of the Cadet Mentorship Program is to create an environment where cadets have someone to receive advice from and foster a desire to be actively involved in the wing’s cadet program. To do this, the Wing Cadet Program has created a two-part program.

1. Oftentimes, cadet officers or ranking cadets in a squadron do not have higher ranking cadets to seek advice from or have a cadet mentor. Because of this, the Wing Cadet Program Team decided to select highly competent and skilled cadets in the wing to serve as mentors for cadet officers who may not have any cadet mentors at their squadron.

2. For those who remember the "Ask the National Commander a Question" ability on e-Services a while back, there is now a similar tool for Cadet Program related questions! If any cadets (or Senior Members) have any questions about anything such as drill, uniform, being a certain position in a squadron, running an activity, a sticky situation, a specific activity such as Cadet Officer School, would like to be mentored, or anything else, you can now email which will send your question to some of the wing's top cadets who will then answer your question or point you in the right direction. 

NOTE: This is not a substitute for the chain of command or reading the regulations. Those resources should be exhausted first. This is an unofficial knowledge-base and answers do not have the weight of regulations. It is for when the regulations are vague, questions unable to be answered by your squadron, advice, or help with reaching your goals.