11-12 Mar - Group Led Exercise at Thun Field

Post date: Mar 03, 2017 6:56:6 PM

ICS-211's for Personnel, Aircraft and Vehicles will be used and sent to the ICP on both days. 


Air and Ground operations begin soon after the General and Safety Brief.  


If you plan on attending, please send an email to me at Hal.Hack@wawg.cap.gov and tell me the roles in which you wish to participate (MP, MRO, GTL in training, etc.) and where you plan on doing this role.


My intention is to form crews and teams with scenarios to make the exercise as realistic as is possible given the training constraints. So please send me your wish list as soon as practical.


To participate in this GLE, you will need the following:

- CAP ID card

- CAPF-101: Specialty Qualification Card

- SQTR for each of the training roles desired (only applies if in training)

- appropriate and proper uniforms and gear (kit) for your role(s) 

- CAPF-161: Emergency Information

- Safety Currency

- current Aircraft Ground Handling course

- 24 hour pack (especially lunch and snacks - long day) for most

- 72 hour pack for GTM's unless told differently by the GBD or your GTL


CAP-USAF, NHQ, PCR, and our Wing Commander are very serious about our Safety, proper uniforms and reports.

Plan on returning home if your gear list or uniforms are not complete.  


The following GLE will be April 8-9 at Yakima and hosted by Southeast Group. If it goes well, the May 6-7 and June 10-11 exercises will be at Yakima. If not, we may change the last two to Ephrata. Details to follow the April GLE.


If questions, email me.




Thun Field is the Incident Command Post (ICP) and primary Mission Base (MB). Remote Mission Bases (RMB) are welcome and desirable so as to make training available statewide. Group CC's let me know if you can provide and support a RMB or a Staging Area (SA).


0700 - Sign-in at all Mission Bases 

0730 - General and Officer Staff Tactics Meeting at ICP

0800 - General and Safety Brief (ALL Personnel)

1800 - Mission Bases Close (expected time)

To All Emergency Services staff, crews and teams: 

On March 11 and 12, there will be a Group Led Exercise (GLE) (aka SAREX) hosted by the Southwest Group (WA096) at Thun Field (KPLU) in Pierce County. All Senior Members and Cadets are encouraged and welcome to participate. We need trained ES staff for the CAP-USAF June Graded Evaluation. Cadets - as always, you should alert your chain of command before attending any activities, missions, or training events outside of your unit. 

Maj Hal Hack, CAP

Washington Wing Emergency Services Officer

Southwest Group Asst ESO

Ft Vancouver Composite Squadron ESO

U.S. Air Force Auxiliary