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Required Quarterly Briefings

Attention Pilots!

Required Quarterly Briefings are accessible in Google Classroom

National Operations Center

The NOC can be reached via voice 24/7 at 888-211-1812 ext 300. 

The NOC is normally manned from 7:30 to 16:30 Central Time Monday through Friday, and then the phone rolls to a duty officer after hours. 

The NOC can also be reached via email at opscenter@capnhq.gov and via fax at 800-555-7902, but after normal duty hours, emergency requests should be followed up with a call to the duty officer. 

Assistance to Civil Authority, including airborne imagery and communications support for counterdrug, homeland security, and disaster operations; and Support to Military Commanders, including low-level surveys and range support are coordinated by the National Operations Center. 

Lt Col Bill GibbsWing Director of Operationswilliam.gibbs@wawg.cap.gov
Lt Col Pat CourtneyWing Deputy Director of Operationspatrick.courtney@wawg.cap.govBiography
Maj Khoi DuongWing Director of Emergency Serviceskhoi.duong@wawg.cap.govBiography