Patrick Courtney

Lieutenant Colonel Patrick A. Courtney

Director of Operations

Lieutenant Colonel Patrick A. Courtney joined Civil Air Patrol in 2002 and has been an active member at the Seattle Composite Squadron and Wing Headquarters since that time, having held multiple positions with each.

Lt. Col. Courtney is a Mission Pilot, Mission Check Pilot, and a Mission Observer & Scanner that has worked at multiple Missing Aircraft Mission Bases over the years. In addition, he has multiple ELT finds as both a ground team and aircrew member. He has served as the Squadron Maintenance Officer, Safety Officer, and filled the role of Squadron Commander for one year.

At the Wing, he has served as the Deputy Maintenance Officer supporting the Wing Maintenance Officer to ensure that the Wing aircraft are properly maintained and Mission Ready to the maximum degree possible. He was also responsible for the coordination and implementation of the FAA mandated ADS-B* installation in all WAWG Cessna aircraft.

Lt. Col. Courtney is also a Mission Safety Officer and Air Operations Branch Director (AOBD) and training for the mission Base positions of Planning Section Chief (PSC) and Incident Commander Level 3 (IC3) is ongoing.




2014 Senior of the Year, Seattle Composite Squadron, Seattle, Wash.


Senior Member, Dec 4, 2002 Second Lieutenant, Apr 08, 2003 First Lieutenant, May 12, 2004 Captain, Nov 14, 2005

Major, Feb 16, 2009

Lieutenant Colonel, February 02, 2014

(Current as of 13-Nov-18)