Khoi Duong

Major Khoi Duong

Emergency Services Officer

Major Khoi Duong joined the Civil Air Patrol in 2003 after earning his Private Pilot rating. Like many newly minted aviators, he joined the organization with the sole intent to fly. As a result, when the opportunity arose in 2004, he enrolled in Washington Wing’s Mission Aircrew School (MAS) where he earned his Mission Scanner (MS) and Mission Observer (MO) ratings.

After serving as an aircrew member for a time and learning that there was more to the organization than just flying, Maj. Duong enrolled in Pacific Region’s Ground Search and Rescue Academy (GSAR) during the summer of 2006 where he earned his Ground Team Member (GTM) and Urban Direction Find (UDF) ratings.

From his experience at GSAR, Maj. Duong realized that ground SAR was his calling. As a result, he returned to GSAR in subsequent years (2007 - 2014) to assist with instruction, became an Air Support Team member (AST) with WSDOT Aviation, and eventually earned his Ground Branch Director (GBD) rating in 2011.

During his time in CAP, Maj Duong has garnered 33 Finds (2 Air, 31 Ground), was awarded 2 Disaster Relief ribbons (with V devices), and was recognized with a Commander’s Commendation for leading ground training at the Washington Training Academy during its 2012 - 2013 cycle. In addition to these awards, notable searches or training events Maj. Duong been a part of include:

Prior to his appointment, Maj Duong was the Deputy Commander for Cadets, Emergency Services Officer, and Alert Officer at Seattle Composite Squadron.



Senior Member, Sep 18, 2003 Second Lieutenant, Mar 17, 2004 First Lieutenant, Aug 04, 2005 Captain, Sep 28, 2007

Major, Sep 20, 2010

(Current as of 13-Nov-18)