Mon Boonprohm

Major Mon Boonprohm

Interim Director of Information Technology

Major Mon Boonprohm began his CAP career in 2010 as a patron member at the McChord Composite Squadron. The membership provided an easier access to drop his son off at the weekly meetings on Joint Base Lewis McChord. His son ended his CAP cadet career as a Cadet First Lieutenant and a Cadet Commander. Soon after joining, Major Boonprohm learned more about the programs for Senior Officers and converted his membership. He served as Information Technology Officer, Web Security Administrator, Testing Officer, Assistant Administrative Officer, and Assistant Communications Officer for the squadron. Major Boonprohm has served as both an Assistant Director and Director of the Information Technology team. Major Boonprohm also trains and serves as an aircrew member. At the present, he is a qualified Airborne Photographer, Mission Observer, and Mission Scanner. Major Boonprohm is a senior IT systems engineer with over 30 years of experience. He provides systems integration, project management, support, operations, and administration for Cloud-based infrastructure systems

(Current as of 12-MAR-2021)