Alaska Airlines Aviation Day 2017 – Saturday, May 6th

Post date: Mar 19, 2017 12:34:3 AM

Cadets! Mark your calendar for Alaska Aviation Day!

What do you need to do?

  • Talk to the designated Group Leader in your Squadron and ask them to sign you up!

Uniform of the day:


  • Blue Service Uniform preferred

  • ABUs or BDUs allowed

  • Appropriate Civilian Clothing (if member does not have a complete uniform)

  • Either uniform choice must be a complete and correct uniform per CAPM 39-1

Senior Officers:

  • Blue Service Uniform, Service Dress, Corporate Service Dress, Aviator Shirt Uniform, or Corporate Working Uniform (polo)

  • ABUs or BDUs allowed

  • Either uniform choice must be a complete and correct uniform per CAPM 39-1

Together with The Port of Seattle and Boeing, Alaska Airlines is proud to again host the Ninth Annual Aviation Day on Saturday, May 6th, 2017.

This FREE event is aimed at inspiring aviation dreams in the youth of Puget Sound communities. Aviation Day will provide the opportunity for young adults to learn in a classroom and hands on about career paths in the aviation industry and education possibilities for a successful aviation career.

Guided by Alaska Airlines and volunteers from the other sponsors, participants will be able to:

  • Tour Alaska jets and “kick the tires,” see wheel wells and engines with mechanics.

  • Visit the flight deck of a Boeing 737 with line pilots.

  • Fly a 737 simulator

  • Explore the complex world of jet airplanes with the Boeing engineers who design them.

Careers ranging from aerospace engineer to professional pilot will be discussed throughout the day. Participants will be able to explore how flights are planned, scheduled and executed. Training facilities will be open and engineers will guide attendees through the construction of aircraft. Several light aircraft and pilots will also be on-site to educate and inspire tomorrow’s leaders to take us into the skies of the future.

University and local community college representatives will explain their educational opportunities to help you achieve your goals in aviation and aerospace. Come and let Alaska Airlines employees show you how our Alaska Spirit soars to the skies and the commitment of our customers is more than just a career – It is who we are. Register with your sponsored youth group for an experience you will never forget.

Washington Wing is proud to announce this as the first year that Civil Air Patrol will have both a recruitment booth and a static airplane display, in addition to our usual cadet attendance at the event!

This program is not an open house or airshow. All students and adults who wish to attend must pre register with your sponsored youth group. Restrictions on the number of adults attending with a group do exist. Talk to your sponsored youth group for registration. You can also visit our registration page for more information.

Squadron Commanders / Deputy Commanders for Cadets - If you did not receive your invitation to register as a Group Leader, please register here. Note: this link is for Group Leader registration only.