Ground Search and Rescue Academy


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  • Deadline: 10 JULY 21

  • Use code "STUDENT" to apply



How to get your 101 card (click):

2022 Washington Wing Ground Search and Rescue Academy

Dates and Location TBA

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To attend as a Basic student and train for the Ground Team Member 3 rating all you need is:

  • A current CAP membership card

  • A CAPF 101 with GES

  • The required equipment for the Academy

  • A desire to learn, practice, and have fun!

Check the Requirements page for more detailed information.

This training activity is for cadets and senior officers and will be conducted on Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) property near Tacoma, Washington. It will be an opportunity to experience a realistic Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) training environment that combines teamwork and individual skills to become proficient in the ground team mission. The academy is conducted almost exclusively in the field environment and proper preparation cannot be overemphasized.

CAP personnel will conduct ground team member training for the purpose of acquiring and maintaining skills in accordance with CAP SQTRs on the topics of ground search and rescue, urban direction finding & WAC 118-04 Core Requirements.

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Course Information

The following courses are offered. Each includes meals and instruction.

  1. Basic - $ 180

  2. Advanced - $ 180

(Use code "STUDENT" to access Student application)

Basic Course


1. Instruction on all Ground Team Member (GTM) 3 tasks and Urban Direction Finding (UDF) tasks IAW SQTRs & WAC 118-04 Core Requirement courses (Helicopter Safety & Crime Scene Awareness)

  • ✔ Sign offs for successfully passed evaluations

2. Leadership & Extensive team building exercises


Advanced Course


  1. Students will further enhance skills in rescue techniques, land search theory, air to ground coordination, advanced navigation skills including latitude and longitude, casualty evacuation, advanced survival skills, and SAR team training.

  2. Students will also learn the leadership skills necessary to build ground teams in their home units.

  3. Students will practice their newly honed skills during several search simulations and spend four days away from base camp on a field training exercise.

  4. The field training will include extensive hiking with full 72-hour gear. Students will train through the GTM1 level.


  • Same as listed in the basic course above

  • Current qualification of GTM3 & ability to demonstrate knowledge


CAPF 60-81, Application for CAP Encampment or Special Activity (cadets only)

CAPF 17, Application for Senior Member Activities (senior members only)

CAPF 160 (I), Health History Form

CAPF 161 (I), Emergency Information

CAPF 163 (cadets only)

You may apply on a tentative basis if you do not have all your prerequisites by the deadline. However, applicants with all of their prerequisites will be accepted immediately. Read the FAQs.

Due to the remoteness of the site and base security policies, there will be no late arrivals/early departures for students.

Check-in and equipment inspection will be 25 July 2021 at 0900 hrs, sharp. Check-out will be Sunday 1 Aug 2021 at 1230 hours.

Your acceptance information will include the location for the start of the encampment.

Cadet attendance is limited to 35, so apply early! Early is on time. On time is late!

Bryan Watson, Major, CAP
Ground Search and Rescue Academy Director