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Remember the fallen; Honor those who serve; Teach our children the value of freedom.

Message to Unit Commanders/Personnel:

Attention all Unit Commanders and CAP WAA Volunteers!

Your fundraising site is active year-round. Each commander has an email alias (below) that redirects to their @wawg.cap.gov account. This is a great account for you to use for signups to services that need to transfer from one commander to the next. For example, once a commander's term is up, their alias will be set to forward those emails to the next person in line, and therefore, the WAA emails will reach their correct destination, year after year.


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    • Each squadron commander already has an account that was created before. See usernames below. You may need to reset your password if there has been a change of command in the last year, or if you've simply forgotten it.

    • Squadron commanders can add other managers to the page. If you need assistance with this step, feel free to email us at wreaths@wawg.cap.gov.



  • If you have trouble accessing your account, please let us know ASAP.

    • Unit name on site Please do not change how your unit name is formatted.

    • Payment name: We specified "[Unit Name] Civil Air Patrol PCRWAXXX" for each unit to ensure payments cannot be misrouted to any other unit nationwide. (In the past, National Capital Wing -- which has an Arlington Composite Squadron -- has received some of our checks!) Please do not change this.

    • Mailing address for Miscellaneous mailings was blank and is now set for Wing (feel free to change this). They claim to periodically mail things to you, but this is likely the address they use to mail your thank you certificate after-the-fact. If you leave this as Wing's address, we will notify you of any important deliveries.

    • Mailing address for Payments This is set for Wing's address (feel free to change this). However, the Wing Admin can make deposits for you: PO Box 4459, JBLM, WA 98438. No, this does not mean Wing will get your money.

    • For those hosting an event, not at Tahoma National Cemetery, please provide us with your event information so we can add it to the Wing's webpage. We want to include you in our broadcasts, but we can't advertise what we don't know!


Info from WAA about customizing your site/design:

Wreaths Across America's website configuration options make customizing your personal fundraising page quicker and easier than ever. All of the new customization features make personalizing lots of fun with images, videos, text and more! At first, you might be overwhelmed by all of the new things to see and do, but just focus on the "big impact" aspects of your page that will allow you to tell your story and why Wreaths Across America means so much to you. For example, adding images to the banner area of your page and writing your own text. The more your page reflects you, the better!


Thanks so much for supporting Wreaths Across America Day!

If you have questions, please email wreaths@wawg.cap.gov.

Fundraising Info for Units

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