Benjamin Paul


Master's Degree -- Healthcare Informatics

University of Cincinnati

Expected Graduation 2019

Bachelor's Degree - Biochemistry

University of Massachusetts -- Amherst



2003-07 – Level 1 – CAP Orientation and CPPT

2003-07 – CAP Pilot

2003-07 – Cadet /AFROTC Orientation Pilot

2003-08 – Yeager Award

2004-01 – Technician Rating, Aerospace Education

2004-08 – General Emergency Services

2004-09 – Transport Mission Pilot

2004-09 – General Emergency Services Exam

2004-09 – ECI-13 CAP Officer Basic Course

2004-11 – Squadron Leadership School

2004-11 – Level 2, Certificate of Proficiency (now the Benjamin O. Davis Award)

2005-10 – Corporate Learning Course

2006-01 – Mission Radio Operator

2006-03 – Mission Scanner

2006-11 -- Mission Observer

2008-04 -- IS-100

2008-04 -- IS-200

2013-01 -- ICUT

2013-11 – Senior Rating, Aerospace Education

2014-02 – Level 3, Grover Loening Award

2015-04 – Technician Rating, Finance

2016-04 -- IS-700

2016-04 -- IS-800

2016-05 – Region Staff College

2016-07 – Senior Rating, Finance

2017-07 -- Unit Commander's Course


1. February, 2005 – February, 2009: Aerospace Education Officer, Essex Composite Squadron, North Andover, Massachusetts

2. February, 2005 – February, 2009: Web Security Officer, Essex Composite Squadron, North Andover, Massachusetts

3. March, 2005 -- February, 2009: Flight Release Officer, Essex Composite Squadron, North Andover, Massachusetts

4. June, 2013 – Present: Assistant Aerospace Education Officer, Seattle Composite Squadron, Seattle, Washington

5. July, 2014 – November, 2016: Finance Officer, Seattle Composite Squadron, Seattle, Washington

6. November, 2016 – December, 2016: Assistant Finance Officer, Seattle Composite Squadron, Seattle, Washington

7. September, 2016 – December, 2016: Assistant Director of Finance, Washington Wing

8. January, 2017 -- Present: Director of Finance, Washington Wing


Commander’s Commendation, 19 Mar 2005, Bronze Clasp, 11 Mar 2006, Apr 2018 (2)

Encampment Ribbon, 2004 Bronze Clasp x7 2005-2011

Red Service Ribbon, June 2005, Bronze Clasp June 2008, June 2013

Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager Aerospace Education Achievement Award, August, 2003

Membership Ribbon, June 2003

Leadership Ribbon, August 2004, silver star July 2018

Benjamin O. Davis Award, November 2004 (Awarded as Certificate of Proficiency)

Find Ribbon, August, 2006

Find Ribbon, Propeller Clasp, December, 2004

Grover Loening Award, February 2014

Garber Award, July 2018

Unit Citation Awards, 2005, Bronze Clasp 2006, 2007, 2008


Senior Member of the Year, Essex County Composite Squadron, MAWG, 2006


2004 - present, Society of Thoracic Surgeons, Associate Member

2015 - present, American Society of Clinical Pathology, Board Certified Phlebotomist


Senior Member, June 24, 2003 Second Lieutenant, February 9, 2004 First Lieutenant, June 30, 2005 Captain, June 14, 2007

Major, June 25, 2014

Lieutenant Colonel, 27 July 2018

(Current as of 11-SEP-18)

Lieutenent Colonel Benjamin A. PaulDirector of Finance

Lt. Col. Benjamin Paul is the Director of Finance for Washington Wing. His role includes oversight of the financial records, policies, and analyses of the unit and wing financial records. He is responsible for implementing and adhering to mandatory financial controls to ensure integrity and compliance with Civil Air Patrol's national regulations as well as Federal law.

Maj. Paul was born in Washington, D.C. He began his career as a medical analyst within cardiac surgery. His data analytic roles have been geared at improving the quality of care and outcomes for the suite of cardiovascular procedures performed in major healthcare organizations. He has taken finance courses as an undergrad and, inspired by his father who works in finance, enjoys applying his data compulsiveness to the financial realm. He joined Civil Air Patrol in 2003 and spent 6 years in the Massachusetts wing with the Essex Composite Squadron as the aerospace education officer. Prior to joining the Washington Wing as Director of Finance, Maj. Paul served as the unit finance officer for the Seattle Composite Squadron.

Maj. Paul completed his private pilot's license in 2002, instrument rating in 2003, and his commercial license in 2004. From 2002 until 2004, he owned a 1972 Cessna Cardinal RG and accumulated over 700 hours during that time. He recently completed his commercial multi-engine rating in December, 2016. In September, 2016, he earned his commercial drone pilot's license. He currently is working on his Form-5 checkout of the Cessna turbo 206 within WAWG and plans to train for his Form-91 mission pilot qualifications soon thereafter. He holds an advanced ground instructor license and is currently working towards his certificated flight instructor rating.