Public Affairs: Technician Specialty Tracker

Technician Specialty Tracker

In order to assist you with tracking your progress, WAWG has developed the PA Technician Specialty Tracker.

This tracker essentially breaks down the suggested reading materials and required tasks for CAPP 201, provides you a place to track your progress, and creates a database of your qualifications (which would be helpful during mission assignments, etc.). 

You do not have to fill in every item all at once in order to save your results.

If you would like to see one for the Senior or Master ratings, please email the WAWG PAO.

As a PAO, you are encouraged to pursue the training required for (at least) your Technician rating. 

The courses and materials involved in obtaining this rating will be immensely useful to you in your role in Public Affairs. If you have not already enrolled to achieve your Technician rating, please consider doing so right away as this is a Subordinate Unit Inspection item that you are evaluated on. 

For your reference, the Specialty Track guide for Public Affairs can be found here: