Philip Pearson

Lt Col Philip L. Pearson

Washington Wing Director of Safety

Lt Col Pearson was on active duty in the U.S. Army for six years and in the U.S. Army Reserve for 25 years.  He was an Army aviator (helicopter), commanded an aviation company in Vietnam (1972), was the aviation section leader for an engineer brigade in Germany, and was the commander of an attack aviation regiment, the 166th Aviation Regiment, Attack Helicopter (1993-1996). Army aviation places a great deal of emphasis on safety as helicopters are inherently dangerous machines. However, when safety is stressed and practiced regularly Army aviation operates in a very safe manner. As an aviation section leader and commander of two different aviation units, one of Lt Col Pearson’s most important jobs was ensuring all members of the units operated safely. Lt Col Pearson commanded a Rear Area Operations Center during Operation Desert Storm. Lt Col Pearson retired from the U.S. Army Reserve in 1999 as a Colonel.

In civilian life, Lt Col Pearson was a middle and high school science teacher where safety is always a big concern, particularly in classes involving chemicals and heat sources. Lt Col Pearson served as the Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) for two different schools in DoDDS (Department of Defense Dependents Schools) as well as the Chair of the Science Department. One of the most important responsibilities as department chair is to ensure that teachers and students in science practice safety at all times. 

With his substantial background in safety, Lt Col Pearson immediately began work on becoming qualified in the CAP Safety track after he joined CAP. He has served as the safety officer for two different squadrons, served as air show, ESTA, and SAREX safety officer. He is currently serving as the Washington Wing Director of Safety.


1974 BS in Urban Studies, University of Nebraska at Omaha 1981 MS in Education, University of Southern California 1999 MS in Administration, Curriculum, and Supervision, University of Oklahoma 2015 PhD in Educational Leadership, University of Southern Mississippi



Rating:  Mission Scanner

Rating: Mission Observer

Rating: CAP Pilot

Rating: Transport Mission Pilot


Safety: Senior

Emergency Services: Technician