Reitan, Allan

Capt Allan Reitan is the Director of Aerospace Education Officer for Washington Wing.


Capt Reitan was born in Kent, WA and is a descendant of a homesteading family that settled in Kent in 1875.  His interest in general aviation started with an intro flight at Crest Airpark (Norman Grier Field) in Kent, WA.  He began his aviation career as an IT systems analyst, has also been a testing engineer for aviation certification. Most recently he has corporate IT and Cyber Security analyst.  He joined CAP in September of 2018 and supports many local squadron Aero Ed activities.


In his first year as a Ground Instructor at Desert Eagle NFA, COVID 19 restrictions prevented the flight academy from meeting in person.  Capt. Retain lead a team of three instructors who provided a full Private Pilot Knowledge Test course virtual for the summer months.  The 5 cadets who worked with Capt. Reitan distinguished themselves as 4 students passed the FAA Knowledge Test, and the 5th one earned acceptance to the US Air Force Academy.


Capt Reitan is a CFII, MEI, and AIGI who supports various aviation education endeavors in the Pacific Northwest.



1997-08 Bachelors of Arts in Entrepreneurship, Minor in Elec. Engineering, Washington State University, WA.

2005-12 Associates Advanced Aviation Knowledge, Green River College, WA.

2018-06 Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, Oregon State University, OR.

2019-06 CAP National Aerospace Education Officer School, Pensacola, FL.

2021-08 CAP National Aerospace Education Officer School, (online).



1.    Oct 2022 – Present, Director of Aerospace Education, WA Wing

2.    Mar 2022 – Present, Flight Instructor, Desert Eagle Flight Academy, Ephrata, WA.

3.    Jul 2021 – Oct 2022, Commander, Renton Composite Squadron, Renton, WA.

4.    Mar 2020 – Mar 2021, Advanced Ground Instructor, Desert Eagle Flight Academy, Ephrata, WA.

5.    Nov 2019 – Sep 2022, Aerospace Education Officer Internal, WA Wing

6.    Feb 2019 - July 2019, National Cadet Competition Escort, Renton CS, WA.

7.    Dec 2018 – Sep 2020, Aerospace Education Officer, Renton CS, WA.

8.    Dec 2018 – present, Operations Pilot, Renton CS, WA.



FAA Flight Instructor: Airplane Single Engine; Airplane Multi-Engine; Instrument Rating

FAA Ground Instructor: Advanced; Instrument

FAA Part 107 sUAS


CAP Rating: Check Pilot; Instrument Pilot / G1000 (NXi); Orientation Pilot (AFROTC)



Aerospace Education: Master

Operations: Senior Pilot Rating



Membership Ribbon, October 2018

Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager Aerospace Education Achievement Award, January 2019

National Color Guard with Bronze Clasp, April 2019

Leadership Ribbon, August 2019

Loening Award, December 2020

Commander’s Commendation from Washington Wing, March 2021

Scott Crossfield Aerospace Education Achievement Award, September 2021

Achievement Award from Washington Wing, July 2022

Achievement Award with Bronze Clasp from SW Group CC, Oct 2022



1987 - present, Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF), member, Titusville Lodge #34, WA

2011 - present, Hillcrest Burial Park, President of Board of Directors, Kent, WA

2015 - 2022, IOOF Home, President of Board of Directors, Walla Walla, WA

2008 – 2018, Seattle Adaptive Sports, Director and Board Treasurer, Seattle, WA



Senior Member October 4, 2018

First Lieutenant Jan 18, 2019

Captain Jan 6, 2021


(Current as of Nov. 3, 2022)