Air Force Association / Civil Air Patrol - Discount Membership Invitation!

Post date: Dec 23, 2016 8:55:36 PM

Civil Air Patrol members joining the AFA.

  • The Air Force Association is now offering Civil Air Patrol members a 50% savings for AFA memberships. This offer is available only to CAP members joining the AFA for the first time. More info here.

  • Click HERE to take advantage of this special offer. Select the "$45 - 1 Year Domestic option" and use discount code CAP in the Promotional Code field.

  • Don't forget to complete this quick survey to let us know you signed up:

Air Force Association members joining CAP.

  • As a thank you to AFA members, CAP is extending a special opportunity for AFA members to become involved as "Friends of CAP" for $15 instead of the usual $35 cost. AFA "Friends of CAP" pay $15 as a tax deductible gift to further support Civil Air Patrol without volunteer membership obligations. Friends will receive the Civil Air Patrol magazine twice a year, as well as periodic emails with updates from the national staff and development office. Friends are also eligible to take advantage of member benefits and discounts. More info here.

    • Click HERE to become an AFA Friend of CAP. Use discount code AFACAP on page two of the online form.