EVERGREEN Submissions

Post date: Oct 15, 2016 2:49:32 AM

  Let's try and get at least one article from each squadron in the Wing!

In your free time if you would like to submit an article please do so. Please follow the following guidelines and procedures as posted on the Evergreen Webpage. Just click on the link below, and all the information you will need to know of how to submit an article and pictures will be there.

Final Call for Entries! The deadline was 1 October, but this is just a quick check to make sure it didn't slip your mind! 

If you have attended any type of activity, or have had a squadron event that you would like to share please do so by submitting an article to the Evergreen Magazine! The articles submitted just don't have to be limited to activities. As a national organization we have gone through a lot this past year from the 75th anniversary to phasing in a new uniform. If you would like to put thoughts down on paper, and you think they are worth sharing to your peers make it happen! The same goes for current events around our communities that not all of us see! The purpose of The Evergreen Magazine is to Inform, Entertain, and to Persuade members, and this is only possible if we have submissions from people/members like you! ANYONE can submit articles! If a local parent or even community leader would like to they can!