Personal Use of Social Media

Post date: Sep 16, 2019 4:16:57 PM


Team Washington Wing,

The following email was sent out to all commanders about personal use of social media. 

ALL members should review these slides at their earliest convenience. 

Shelly Norman, Col, CAP

Commander, Washington Wing


 Social media has many attributes, if properly used. It can reinforce our core values and tell Civil Air Patrol's story in a way that brings value and credit to our hard work and good deeds. Unfortunately, if not used with caution and prudence, it can also do harm that can mitigate our good works in many different ways. I encourage you to ask commanders and staff to download and review this helpful presentation deck put together by two members of our National Public Affairs Team, Lt Col Paul Cianciolo and Capt Jessica Jerwa:!Ao-sEyYpsIwtgfEoWKS4_6vTKpjIiQ It is rich in detail. One point that leaped out to me in my review was an interpretive summation from CAPM 39-1, our uniform manual: 

"When a member shows themselves in uniform in personal social media accounts... it's just as if they are physically addressing an audience while in uniform because of the perception of official sanction."


It is important that we use social media, when appropriate, to tell CAP’s story. It is also important, however, that we represent ourselves appropriately in this powerful medium when identified or associated with our organization.


Please reach out to Lt Col Andrew Oppmann, who is serving as our interim chief of marketing and strategic communications, at if you have questions or need more information.


Thanks. ms


Major General Mark E. Smith, CAP

Chief Executive Officer/National Commander

U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

One Civil Air Patrol, excelling in service to our nation and our members!