WAWG at Oso

Post date: Apr 15, 2014 1:1:23 AM

Mission Priorities:

1. Provide highbird communications relay for air and ground teams operating in the slide area.

2. Take photos of interest defined as areas above and on either side of the slide that appeared to move or thought to be in danger of moving.

3. Keep track of and report on flight activities in the area consisting of rotary and fixed wing aircraft operating on a variety of missions.


Number of days: 2 (23-24 Mar 2014)

Number of aircraft: 4

Number of personnel: 11 unique individuals, some worked both days

Number of sorties: 21 (actual in slide area 7 sorties)

Number of flight hours: 30.0 (actual in slide area 19.6 hrs)

WAWG received high praise from the Washington State Patrol for its work; all eleven participating CAP personnel received the CAP Disaster Relief Ribbon with Silver V (presidential declared).