WAWG Records USAF Find

Post date: Jun 25, 2014 6:58:18 PM

Superior performance and job well done to WAWG crew that located and silenced an errant ELT located at Auburn airport on Friday night June 13, 2014.  Aircrew: SM Chris Garg, Capt Jose Cabrera, and 2d Lt Scott Story: UDF Team: Maj Khoi Duong, Capt Wade Hasbrouck, and Capt Lowell Silver; Comms team: 1st Lt Chris Mac Spadden and Lt Col Michael Sinclair.  The weather was poor requiring the aircrew to file IFR for the initial search but they were able to locate the ELT to near or on the Auburn airport while eliminating surrounding areas and airports. With the aircrew supplied data, the UDF team departed Boeing Field to Auburn airport and located and silenced the ET within minutes of arrival.  Unique to this mission, the MRO team was able to pick up the ELT signal from their base (home) confirming the initial reports from ATC and data provided by the AFRCC; and, of course, provided superior comms support to the air and ground teams as well as to the IC.  The USAF (AFRCC) awarded WAWG with a Find for the mission.  Mission personnel are acknowledged for their commitment, competence, and energy in successfully and safely completing the mission.