WAWG – Wanapum Dam Mission March 17, 2014

Post date: Apr 15, 2014 5:36:49 PM

On February 28, inspectors found a 65 foot crack in the Wanapum Dam, a major Columbia River dam in Grant County.  Subsequently, officials lowered the water level to allow safe inspection of the damaged area; however, this may have exposed siphons up river that farmers use to draw water for irrigation. The growing season begins about Apri 1.  Washington State Dept of Ecology officials contacted WAWG to obtain photo recon of the siphons.  Organized by Major Mark Kemner, on Mar 17 WAWG aircrews flew two extended photo sorties totaling 4.6 hours and provided the photos to Ecology officials. Mission pilots were Lt Col Chic Jensen and Maj Dave Franklin, Mission Observer was Maj Mark Kemner, and Mission Scanner was State Senator Lt Col Jim Honeyford.  Coms were organized by 1Lt Steve Lynn with cadets  at ESTA.