Remember the fallen; Honor those who serve; Teach our children the value of freedom.


1. Get involved!

  • Talk to business owners you may know.

  • Visit the Fundraising Info for Units page to download and print 20 copies of the 8.5" x 11" flyer. Hang flyers in the window of local businesses for which you have asked permission. Starbucks has a community board exactly for this kind of thing (no permission required). Gyms, libraries, airport FBOs, and other strip mall establishments (who already hang flyers for other community activities) are also great candidates for support.

Select by Unit Name:

  • Ask to speak about the ceremony during church services.

2. Tell us about it!

  • Keep a list of the businesses you talk to!

  • Take a picture of our sign in their window, on the counter, etc.

  • Send your list and pictures to and let us know if anyone made any special commitments to participate!

Between now and December, the WAWG WAA team will post thank-you messages and tag participating businesses in the Wreath Across America 2018 at Tahoma National Cemetery event on Facebook.

If you have questions, please email

Fundraising Info for Units

(deadlines, instructions, flyers, etc.)

Chaplain's Challenge

(Our thanks to Starbucks Partners - Armed Forces Network for showing their support and hanging our signs for us in their Covington-area stores! They will again be donating wreaths and providing coffee for us this year).