Mission. The mission of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Radio Communications Program is to meet the validated communications requirements of internal and external customers. Validation consists of approval by CAP Command and/or the Air Force. This mission is accomplished by strong planning to organize and maintain a reliable, integrated, point-to-point, air-to-ground, and ground mobile radio capability in support of the missions of CAP. 

Purpose. The primary purpose of CAP communications is to provide internal communications capabilities; to provide commanders with the means to conduct the missions of CAP both during normal conditions and when commercial infrastructure is unavailable or unsuitable, including commanders in the organizational chain of command, operational mission chains of command, and special activity chains of command.  Using volunteer operators training to professional standards.

Washington Wing Director of Communications

Lt Col Michael Sinclair


Net Control Stations and

Message Centers

NCS      Capt C. MacSpadden

ANCS    James Johnston

ANCS    Lt Col William Howard

ANCS    Lt Col Ray Lantz

ANCS    Maj Frank Strasser

Washington Wing Communications Net Schedules

Introductory Communications User Training (ICUT) 

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Communications Plan & Files

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