Google Best Practices

(Note: some links below will open a new browser window and leave the CAP.GOV domain.)

Work Remotely with your Google Workspace Services

Your WAWG Google account provides a suite of tools for working remotely, effectively and securely. See the Google Workspace page for a full list of the services you already have access to and how to use them.

In particular, Google Meet allows you to hold impromptu and scheduled teleconferences and videoconferences with your staff, or even your entire unit membership. See the tips below.

Review Google's list of tips for how teams can collaborate effectively and securely using all of the available services.

Please use the tools available through your existing WAWG Google account. Do not sign up for accounts on other services without consulting with Wing IT. Your Google Workspace services are available to all WAWG members and are secured to account logins. They meet the security and privacy requirements of CAP IT regulations.

Get Training on Google Workspace Services

Detailed how-to training is available for each service in the Google Workspace Learning Center.

Go directly to each one:

Get WAWG E-mail on your Personal Devices

Web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, etc.)

Windows apps

Mac apps

iPhone/iPad apps

Android apps

Other apps or older versions of apps - manual configuration

Create your CAP E-mail Signature

See National's sample signature block and the e-mail signature sections of pamphlet CAPP 1-2.

Senior member grade abbreviations are in paragraph 1.3 of CAPR 35-5. Cadet grade abbreviations are on National's Stripes to Diamonds webpage.

How to do it:

Sign in to Google Services with Multiple Accounts

If you already have a personal Google account, going to any Google website will default to that account. You must associate your WAWG and personal accounts so you can switch between them.

How to do it:

Use Meet Teleconferencing

Meet allows you to hold a teleconference or videoconference. Those on devices with cameras have the option to use audio and video or only audio, others may dial in via phone.

You may create a Meet call and invite people on the spot, or you can schedule a call and send participants a calendar invitation via e-mail. Links to instructions are under the Voice/Video section of the Google Workspace page. When you schedule a call, you and your invitees will be provided with a link for connecting via Meet and a call-in telephone number.

Try these tips for holding an effective teleconference:

  • Notify your attendees in advance so they can set up equipment and test it using the Meet website or app. Don't have your meeting be the test run.

  • Prepare an agenda and distribute in it advance.

  • Mute your microphone when not speaking. Background noise - such as children, pets, traffic, televisions, radios, coughing, squeaking chairs - impact everyone's ability to hear clearly.

  • If you have a camera, use it to create more of the interpersonal connection that keeps people engaged. Be aware of what you are wearing at home and what is visible behind you - be professional.

  • Speakers should pause every so often to allow others to reply and reduce the chances of multiple people speaking over each other. A meeting moderator who follows and announces the agenda and asks for comments in a structured fashion may be useful.

  • Attendees should identify themselves when they begin speaking, especially if not on video.