2021 Websites Migration

SiteViz and Google Sites information has been moved to the Websites Help page.

For the 2021 migration project summarized below, units and activity directors were requested to coordinate with the WAWG IT project officer above.

(Note: some links below will open a new browser window and leave the CAP.GOV domain.)

2021 WAWG Required Websites Migration

Page updated: 6 December 2021

Project officer: Maj John Haug

Overview Presentation

Background, rationale, requirements, and our plan.

(16 Jun 21 wing staff meeting,
WAWG login required)

Websites Status

All known WAWG websites, administrators, and migration status.

WAWG websites migrated during Christmas 2021!

All public WAWG websites – wing, activities, units – must move to a new platform this year!

E-mail and documents will not be affected.

Public-facing websites move to SiteViz:

wawg.cap.gov (non-member focused site - basic public info)


Member-facing websites move to New Google Sites:

members.wawg.cap.gov (member-focused site - much of what is on current/old wing site)


What Do I Need To Do?

If you do not migrate off classic Google Sites, you will lose your website!

Commanders and activity directors, please have your website administrators do the following.

Wing staff directors, please see the Wing Staff Guidance information.

Website administrators, please: